1951 – incorporation of Zakłady Mechaniczne in Łabędy

1953 – manufacturing of the first batch of T-34 tanks

1958 – start of T-54, and then T-55 tank production

1959 – start of KU-1206, UNIKOP series excavator production

1962 – supply of 668 artillery tractor to the Soviet Union

1966 – signing cooperation agreement with English company „Jones” for manufacturing of excavators

1967 – start of KU-1207 excavator production

1968 – founding of Zakładu Produkcji Doświadczalnej – currently OBRUM Sp. z o.o.,

ZPD started work on armoured repair and recovery vehicles: WZT-1 and WZT-2

1974 – Company transformation into Kombinat Urządzeń Mechanicznych „Bumar-Łabędy”

1976 – OBRUM is founded based on Zakład Produkcji Doświadczalnej

1977 – signing license agreement for launch of T-72M tank production

1988 – production of the first hydraulic excavator – BRAWAL 1611

1993 – transformation of KUM „Bumar-Łabędy” into a sole shareholder company of the State Treasury,

start of the PT-91 tank production,

1999 – signing contract for supply of 44 pieces of WZT-3 armoured repair and recovery vehicles to India,

2002 – second contract for supply of 80 pieces of WZT-3 to India,

2003 – signing contract for supply of PT-91 tanks and accompanying vehicles to Malaysia

2004 – third contract for supply of 228 pieces of WZT-3 to India

2006 – start of HITFIST 30 turrets production for KTO [wheeled armoured vehicle] Rosomak,

inspection of 60 turrets for LEOPARD 2A4 tanks

2007 – ZM BUMAR-ŁABĘDY SA joined the BUMAR Guoup, currently Polski Holding Obronny

2010 – intensification of armoured equipment repairs for the Polish Army

2011 – manufacturing of chassis to the KRAB self-propelled tracked gun-howitzer

2012 – inspection of Leopard 2A4 tanks,

including making them fully operational