The WZT-4 vehicle is provided is a fast-speed armoured crawler vehicle with a four-men craft. It provides technical support for modern tanks and other armoured vehicles. It demonstrates the same mobility and offers the same protection for its craft as other crawler vehicles, including PT-91Ex tanks.

As compared to the preceding model the WZT-4 vehicle benefits from the most advanced design solutions and systems that makes it equal to the most sophisticated and state-of-art vehicles of that type.

The WZT-4 vehicle is furnished with a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun, instruments for both day and night observations, a set of equipment that make up a system for protection against mass destruction weapons, Deep Water Fording Kit (DWFK) to cross water reservoirs on their bottoms, launcher of both aerosol and smoke grenades, thermal generators of smoke to set up smoke screens as well as fire-fighting equipment to put off fires in the vehicle interior, a towing device and two winched – the main one and the auxiliary one.

The WZT-4 vehicle is furnished with a bulldozer with the maximum width of the blade share of 3605 mm and a crane with the boom width extendable up to 8 m and the maximum hoisting capacity of 20 tons. It main winch develops pulling force of 900 kN whilst the pulling force of the auxiliary winch is up o 20 kN.


Rich on-board facilities of the vehicle enable the following applications on the battlefield:

  • hauling defective or damaged vehicles from the battlefield;
  • rescuing bogged-down crawler vehicles regardless the terrain condition;
  • towing defective combat trucks or armoured crawler vehicles;
  • bulldozing earth structures( digging excavations, firing stands for tanks, passages through embankments and anti-tank slopes, levelling of pits and craters);
  • using of the on-board crane to install or dismount tank turrets, driving units and other components of combat vehicles;
  • other jobs associated with repairs of vehicle hulls with use of welding tools and a kit of spare parts and subassemblies;
  • direct participation in field repairs of combat vehicles;
  • rendering first medical aid to crew of combat vehicles with rescue and evacuation of wounded crew members from battlefields

ARV Crew: 4 persons

Vehicle weight: 45 t

Maximum speed on paved roads: 65 km/h

Engine: S-1000R

Engine power: 735 kW (1000 HP)

Additional power unit (APU)

– power of diesel engine: 16.1 kW

– electric power: 3.9 kW

– air conditioning system – cooling power: 8.0 kW

Main drum winch with hydraulic drive

– pulling force of a single rope: 300 kN

– pulling force with use of a pulley block: 900 kN

Auxiliary drum winch with hydraulic drive

– pulling force: 20 kN

– rope length: 400 m


– payload: 20 t

– operation pivoting angle: 360º

– working angle of boom position (boom pitch): 42.5 to 72.5º

– boom length: from 5.8 m (minimum) to 8 m (maximum)


– plough share width (with side attachment): 3605 mm

– maximum digging depth: 0.225 m


– 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun,

– 81 mm smoke grenade launcher.


The vehicle is provided with an integrated system of navigation – both the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS), the Battlefield Management System (BMS), two radio stations and an intercom.

WZT4 WZT4 (1)