The HITFIST-30P combat turret is a combat compartment for two persons and is manufactured in collaboration with Oto Melara s.p.a. The turret is furnished with the 30 mm ATK Mk 44 automatic cannon with a dual-feed chain system of ammunition. The additional weapon installed in the turret is the coupled coaxial machine gun of UKM-2000C make.

The turret is designed to destroy lightweight armoured vehicles, including armoured personnel carriers (APC) and mechanized combat vehicles (MCV). It can also shoot to hovering or slowly flying helicopters.

The turret offers high accuracy of shooting and powerful firing capacity owing to stabilization of the cannon in two planes. It has and easy-in-operation Shooting Management System with electric control as well as a Shooting Management System for day and night operation with a thermovision CCTV camera and a laser rangefinder safe for operator’s eyes. It demonstrates very high ballistic toughness that meets requirement to STANAG 4569A.

The level of protection can be improved by installation of additional armouring.

Crew – 2 persons

Kerb weight – 2410 kg

Combat weight – 2900 kg

Main weapon: ATK Mk 44 Bushmaster cannon with 30 mm bore

Auxiliary weapon:

– 7.62 mm coupled coaxial machine gun of UKM-2000C make

– 6 x 81 mm launchers of smoke grenades

Electric mechanisms for pivoting and elevation

Being the domestic manufacturer of the HITFIST-30P turrets we are able to offer broad range of services including inspections, maintenance, repairs, overhauls and upgrade turret systems of that type, during both warranty and post-warranty periods.

Repairs of turrets that subject to damage during combat operations may consist in manufacturing of new turret hulls or in a comprehensive inspection with substitution of damaged components with new ones. When the scope of repairs is limited to replacement of components the jobs can be carried out on site at customers’ premises, whilst the full overhauls with upgrade of the turret equipment are offered at the workshops of our company.

Experience from the most recent military conflicts and availability of new technologies are reasonable reasons to refurbish the HITFIST-30P turrets in the following manner:

  • incorporation an optoelectronic panoramic head,

  • incorporation a launcher of SPIKE armour piercing missiles,

  • installation of reinforced seats for turret operators;

  • installation of an additional, external machine gun;

  • integration of the Shooting Management System with the system for detection of the enemy’s shooting.


The foregoing upgrade opportunities offer the following additional capabilities of the turrets:

  • omnidirectional observation of surrounding areas without the need of the turret pivoting,

  • leading the fights in the hunter – killer system;

  • destroying armoured targets, including typical tanks, from the distance up to 4,000 m;

  • shooting an additional 7.62 machine gun;

  • automatic pivoting of the turret towards the enemy already revealed with an omnidirectional noise detector.

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