The PT-91 tank is a midweight vehicle with the overall weight of 45.9 tons in the ready-to- operation condition. Its crew is made up of three soldiers. Its weapon system includes a 125 mm smooth-bore cannon with the fast loading automatic system. The tank is provided with an accurate shooting management system as well as the system for warning and counteracting against being aimed by a laser beam (LWS – Laser Warning System). The vehicle and its crew are safeguarded by the Explosive Reactive Armour (ERAWA). In addition, the vehicle is provided with the additional Applied Protection Package (APP) and a V-blade plough share for self-digging-in. The auxiliary equipment of the tank include a minesweep and elongated charges to enable easier crossing of minefields, smoke grenade launchers and the Deep Water Fording Kit (DWFK).

Crew: commander, gunner, driver.

Ready-to-operation weight (without crawler guards): 45.9 tons

Transportation weight (with crawler guards): 47.3 tons

Maximum travelling speed on paved roads: 60 km/h

Maximum uphill/downhill slope: 60%,

Maximum tilt angle: 46%

S-12U or S-1000 engines

Maximum power 625 kW (850 HP) or 735 kW (1000 HP)

Major weapon: 125 mm smooth-bore cannon of the 2A46 type

7.62 mm coupled coaxial machine gun

12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine-gun

Special equipment: system for protection against contaminations, fire-fighting system, self-screening system, V-blade plough share for self-digging-in

PT-911 PT-912