About us

Zakłady Mechaniczne „BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” S.A. („BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” Machine-Building Plant Inc.)

Zakłady Mechaniczne „BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” S.A. („BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” Machine-Building Plant Inc.) is a manufacturer of heavy tracked vehicles for military and civil purposes. It is incorporated in the Polish Armaments Group.

70 years of manufacturing and technological experience, innovative attitude and systematically improved policy of quality assurance have created the Company potential to make it fully capable of facing the ever-increasing challenges of competitive market, and offer highly advanced products to customers.

Zakłady Mechaniczne „BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” Spółka Akcyjna („BUMAR-ŁABĘDY” Machine-Building Plant Inc.)

Register of Companies: Gliwice District Court 

X Commercial Division of the National Court Register

KRS 16872 

NIP: 631-010-20-11, REGON: 271829754, BDO: 000000104

Share capital: 123.056.130,00 zł 

Paid-up share capital: 123.056.130,00 zł

The company has the status of a large enterprise