ŁBT-1200 M

The ŁBT-1200 M side discharge loader with telescopic boom.


It is designated mainly to loading of excavated material in mine galleries and chambers with methane hazard.

As needed, the material from the loader bucket may be discharged to the left or right side of the machine, either to carts or on conveyors.

The loader is equipped with a load-sensing, energy-saving electrical/hydraulic drive, ensuring very good operation parameters: high force of bucket impact into material heap, high driving speed and short times of the bucket operations.


Basic technical specification:

  • Mass of the loader – 14 500 kg
  • Bucket capacity – 1,2 m2
  • Driving speed – 0,1 m/s
  • Ground unit pressure– 0,11 MPa
  • Maximum ground longitudinal slope +-20o
  • Electrical engine 55 kW/500 V
  • Supply voltage 500 V or 1000 V
  • Control voltage 24 V
  • Width of track 300 mm
  • Electrical installation compliant with the directive 2006/42/WE(ATEX) ExIM2
  • Operator’s shield 2260 mm
  • Hydraulics:

– pump capacity 210+24 dm3/min

– operational pressure 18 MPa

– oil tank capacity 400 dm3

– propulsion engines 2 x Rexroth 241 Nm



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