Other services
  • Laser cutting an punching

Trumpf laser cutting machines with operating field of 2000x6000 mm, maximum thickness of processed flat metal sheets: construction steel - 25 mm; CrNi steel grades - 20 mm; aluminium and alloys - 12 mm.

  • Plasma and gas cutting

A CNC cutting machine to perform: oxyfuel cutting of carbon and low-alloy steel sheets, or plasma cutting of alloy steels and non-ferrous metals.
Technical specification:
Cutting operational field: 2000 x 4500 x 6000 mm
Standard oxyfuel cutting thickness: 100 mm
Standard plasma cutting thickness: 25 mm.

  • Pressing

Stampings of any shape and configurations may be made in presses with capacity of 10 to 1000T.

  • Cutting

Mechanical and hydraulic guillotine shears. Circular and band saws to cut any profile or tube up to Ø 250 mm, with angular settings of 0 – 60o.

  • Bending

Bending of sheet metal elements using press brakes with capacity up to 300T and max. length of processed elements up to 5000 mm.

  • Tube bending

Precision bending of tubes and profiles made of ordinary and stainless steels, and aluminium, performed with modern mandrel bending machines, equipped with control systems allowing t bending angles and elasticity to be set.

  • Painting and blasting

Wet painting (pneumatic, hydrodynamic): max dimensions of the element processed - 10000 x 6000 x 5000mm and max weight of 40000 kg; Shot blasting: surface cleanliness SA 2 ½, max element dimensions - 9000 x 6000x 3000mm and max weight of 40000kg

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