• Machining

Our modern, specialised machine resources together with thorough quality control allows us to take full responsibility for all castings, forgings and other parts supplied for machining. We offer all kinds of machining of large and small gear wheels, spindles with straight, helical and bevel tooth, casings and all kinds of gearbox elements, hydraulic cylinders and large size bearings, and many others.

  • Thermo-chemical treatment

We perform the following heat treatment services:

- Volume hardening in controlled-atmosphere furnaces of elements with max. diameter of 900 mm, max length of 2500 mm and max weight of 1500 kg (gear wheels, shafts, brake discs, etc.).

- Hardening of gear wheels under a press (with max of 450 mm, max height of 150 mm and weight up to 100 kg

- All types of tempering for elements volume and surface hardened.

- Normalising and annealing of steel elements, forgings and castings.

- Gas carburisation to the depth of 0,5 - 3,0 mm in units with controlled carbon potential atmosphere.

- Carbonitriding to the depth of 0,1 - 1,0 mm in equipment with controlled atmosphere.


For carburisation and carbonitriding the weight of elements may not exceed 600 kg, with max diameter of 650 mm and max length of 1400 mm.

- Powder surface boriding to the depth of 0,1 to 0,4mm of elements with max dimensions of Ø150 mm x 200mm.

- Supersaturation of elements made of steel or aluminium and copper alloys in the temperature range up to 960 oC. 

- Surface (induction) hardening of such elements as:

1. shafts of max 240 mm in diameter and max length of 2200mm, with the weight up to 600 kg;

2. road wheels and brake disks and drums up to Ø1000mm, rotary technique;

3. gear wheels of max 1000 mm in diameter with straight teeth: “tooth by tooth” or “notch by notch” method;

4. sleeves with bore diameter of max 200mm.

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