• Main purposes of modernization:

I Increasing firepower and fire maneuver modernization

II Increasing survivability on battleground

III Increasing mobility

IV Increasing crew working comfort and extend mission duration


  • Chassis:

- 1000/1200[KM] POWER-PACK system

- APU – electric DC generator 8-10[kW]

- Air conditioning system

- Improved suspension

- Additional composite armor

- Day-night rear-view camera

- Fire extinguishing and suppress system with DeuGEN agent

- Improved ballistic protection against mines

- Digital electronic supply, control and protection systems


  • Turret:

- Main gun 120mm/L50

- Auto-loading system in turret bustle

- Additional reactive-composite armor

- Panoramic commander sight

- 2-axis stabilized day-night integrated gunners sight

- Fire control system “Hunter-Killer” operation mode, with “Killer-Killer” operation mode as an option.

- Digital electronic stabilization system

- Laser warning system with smoke-grenade launchers

- Remote controlled weapon station 7,62/12,7[mm]

- Digital internal and external communication system

- Battle management system - BMS

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