Leopard 2PL

The MBT Leopard 2PL is mainly tasked to assault and maintain terrain, supporting mechanized and motorized subdivisions is realized with its on-board weapon systems in all weather conditions both during the day and night.

Leopard 2PL version is modernization of Leopard 2A4 tanks already serviced in Polish Army.


  • Compared to the Leopard 2A4, upgrade indudes following issues:

- modernization of the commander's and gunner's sight

- additional ballistic modules on the turret

- replacement of the hydraulic stabilization system to new electric system

- installation of modernized Fire Extinguishing and new Fire Suppression systems

- implementation of a new commander's control and monitoring system

- implementation of Auxiliary Power Unit- APU

- newturret stowage compartment for crew equipment and customized towing-evacuation equipment to the increased weight of the tank

- modernization of main gun with its adaptation to the new types of ammunition

- implementation of the day-night drivers rear camera


  • Technical Data

- Crew: 4 men

- Dimensions:

Length: 9670 mm

Height to top of weapon station: 3 050 mm

Width: 3 750 mm

Combat weight (calculated): 59 203 kg

Engine: MTU-MB873

Performance: 1 100 kW

- Performance Data:

Maximum speed: 68 km/h

Gradient driving ability longitudinal: 60%

Gradient driving ability transversal: 30%

Ramp angle front: 31°

Climbing ability: 1.10 m

Trench crossing ability: 3.00 m

Fording ability: 2.25 m

- Operational range

On road: >500 km

Off road: approx. 300

Main armament: Rheinmetall120 mm smoothboregun L/44







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