WZT-4 is a high-speed, armoured tracked vehicle with a four-person crew. It provides support for modern tanks and other armoured vehicles. WZT-4 has a the same mobility and protection as other tracked vehicles, including tanks PT-91Ex.

In relation to its predecessor, the WZT-4 is distinguished by the application of the latest design solutions and systems, which puts it on a par with the latest vehicles of this type in the world.

The WZT-4 is equipped with: anti-aircraft machine gun, day and night observation devices, NBS (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection system, equipment for water obstacles crossing, smoke grenades launchers, thermal smoke generating device (TAD) for producing up smoke screens, fire Suppression System, towing device, main winch and auxiliary winch.

Armoured Recovery Vehicle WZT-4 is equipped with:
- dozer with a maximum blade width amount to 3605 mm
- crane with a maximum jib length of to 8 m and a maximum lifting capacity of 20 t.
- main winch of maximum towing power up to 900 kN
- auxiliary winch of maximum towing power up to 20 kN.

Equipment of the vehicle enables the realization the most important tasks:

  • evacuation of tracked vehicles out of a battlefield
  • pulling out of bogged down tracked vehicles in different terrain conditions
  • towing of disabled combat vehicles and armoured tracked vehicles
  • earth moving activities by the use of the dozer blade, such as excavating, digging of main battle tank pits, clearance works through antitank banks and scraps, craters filling up and other
  • execution of disassembly and assembly works by means if the down crane
  • execution of hull recovery vehicle works by the use of welding and cutting equipment and by delivery of spare parts and units in need
  • immediate participation in vehicle repairs due to rich equipment of tools and instruments sets etc.
  • application of the first aid medical care as well as evacuating of wounded out of a battlefield


Technical data

  • Crew - 4 men
  • Combat weight (t) - 45
  • Maximal speed on the road - 65 km/h
  • Engine - S-1000R
  • Maximal power - 735 kW (1000 hp)
  • Auxiliary power unit

- engine power- 16,1 kW

- electrical power -3.9 kW

- air-conditioning system - cooling power 8,0 kW

  • Main winch: drum, hydraulic

- Pull force of single rope - 300 kN

- Pull force with pulley block - 900 kN

  • Auxiliary winch: drum, hydraulic

- Pull force - 20 kN

- Usable rope length - 400 m

  • Crane

- maximal lifting capacity (Mg) - 20

- Traverse angle - 360 degrees

- Elevation angle - 42.5 - 72.5 degrees

- Jib length - maximal - 8 m, minimal - 5,8 m

  • Dozer

- Maximal blade width - 3605 mm

- Maximal blade sinking - 0.225 m

  • Armament

- 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun

- smoke grenade launchers 81 mm

  •  Additional equipment

- navigation system (inertial and GPS)

- Battlefield Management System (BMS)

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