Tank PT-91 Ex

PT-91Ex is a main battle tank of a combat weight 47,5 t. The MBT PT-91 Ex crew consists of three persons. The vehicle has newer equipment in relation to used in Polish Army PT-91 Twardy, as a result of development activities and cooperation with foreign entities. 


  • PT-91 Ex is equipped with systems designed to increase usability on the modern battlefield, including:

- engine integrated with Power-Pack

- air conditioning system

- large external cargo basket for additional equipment of the crew

Modern fire control systems used in the MBT PT-91 Ex helps the gunner and commander to fire, decrease the time from order to the shoot, taking into account weather conditions affecting the accuracy, enhancing the effectiveness of fire in day and night conditions and at standing or during running as well. 


  • Fire Control System enables:

- observation during day and night

- thermal image for night vision 

- measurement of the distance to target during day and night

- two-axis stabilised aiming at a target of gun and coupled with it machine-gun

- the gun firing

- the machine-gun firing


  • Modern engine in the Power-Pack configuration allows to increase the traction and maintenance features of the tank, providing:

- possibility to realize the turn with B/2 radius

- increased power in relation to vehicle weight

- improve the process of maintenance and replacement of the engine


  • Technical data

Crew: 3 men

Combat weight (t): 47,5

Maximal speed on high road (km/h): 65

Maximal reverse speed (km/h): 20

Main armament: 

- 125 mm smooth-barrel gun, 2A46

- Coaxial Machine-gun UKM-2000C 7,62 mm

- Anti-aircraft machine gun 12,7


  • Engine (kW/hp): S-1000R 735/1000 or other with power 1000-1200 hp, integrated in Power-Pack

Auxiliary Power Unit

- engine power (kW): 16,1

- electrical power (kW): 3,9

Air condition system

- cooling power (kW): 8,0


  • Additional equipment

Fire Control System,

Battlefield Management System (BMS),

NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) protection system,

laser warning system,

smoke grenade launcher,

Fire Suppression System,

navigation system (inertial and GPS)

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