Bridge MS-20 „DAGLEZJA”

Accompanying wheeled transported bridge MS-20 “DAGLEZJA”Accompanying wheeled transported bridge MS-20 „DAGLEZJA” is intended for transportation and unfolding of PM-20 span for overcoming of water or terrain gaps of 20 m width. The bridge can be crossed by all vehicles in class MLC70/110 acc. to STANAG 2021 standard and is approved for traffic on public roads.

MS-20 “DAGLEZJA” is a modern accompanying bridge on wheeled chassis. The set is composed of JELCZ C662D.43 tractor with 6×6 drive, 6×6 hydraulic driven trailer, a stacker and PM-20 Span. The Span PM-20 has been designed in a way that its width in the transport position is 3 m what allows a free passage on pub-lic roads. The width of the span roadway after unfolding is 4 m. The Span has a filling between the beams allowing the transit of vehicles and people marching. MS-20 allows for overcoming the terrain gaps of 20 m width. The bridge roadway can be used by tracked vehicles class MLC70 and wheeled vehicles class MLC 110 (MLC 80/120 - in crisis situations).

MS-20 provides:

• high mobility

• short time of unfolding the span over the obstacle - 10 minutes

• protection for the crew (armored version)

• ability to work in different environmental conditions

• authorization for public transport



MS-20 General dimensions:

weight with the crew (Mg) 47,9

weight with armored cabin and the crew (Mg) 49,5

length with a span in transport position (m) 16,5

length with a span unfolded during taking of (m) 42


Crossing parameters:

maximum width of the terrain gap (m) 20

loading capacity for tracked vehicles (class) MLC 70

loading capacity for a set of wheeled vehicles - in-cluding a set of low-loading vehicle with a tank (class)MLC 110

loading capacity in crisis situations (class)MLC 80/120

maximum load of the wheel on the bridge roadway (kN) 90,7

roadway width (m) 4

maximum difference in level between both sides of the terrain gap (m) 2

The maximum slope of the ground in front of an obstacle in the transverse direction (%)< 5 ( 2,86°)


Traction parameters of MS-20 (Span in transport position):

maximum speed on roads (km/h) 80

maximum height of vertical terrain obstacle (m) max. 0,3

maximum width of ditches (m) max. 0,6

maximum depth of wading (m) max. 1,2

crew 2





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