Main battle tank – PT-91A “Twardy”

The 2nd/2rd generation main battle tank. The vehicle integrates modern systems that increase the safety of the crew, additional reactive armor and fire control system with day and thermal sights. The tank can be equipped with a number of additional solutions, as expected by the ordering party. 

Technical parameters:

  • Gross weight: 45900[kg]
  • Length: 10300[mm]
  • Chassis length: 69SO[mm]
  • Width: 3720[mm]
  • Clearance: 395[mm]
  • Height: 2190[mm]
  • Crew: 3
  • Armament: (main gun, co-axial and HMG)
    125mmiL48- 2A46 "Rapira"
    7,62mmx54- PKT lub 7,62mmx51 - UKM-2000C
    12,7mmxl08-NSW lub 12,7mmx99- WKM-B
  • Ammunition storage [pcs.]
    42 (125mm)
    2000 (7,62mm)
    300 (12,7mm)
  • Multifuel engine
    S12-U- 850KM(625kW)@2300RPM
    Sl000/V-46TK- lOOOKM(736kW)@2300RPM
  • Power-to-weight ratio:
    13,62[kWITJ (S12-U)
    16,03(kW/T] (Sl000/V-46TK)
  • Top speed (on-road l off-road): 65 l 45[kmlhl
  • Operational range (on-road l off-road l with fuel drums): 450 l 200 l 560km
  • Armour
    Multilayer steel-ceramic armour
    Explosive Reactive Armour ERAWAl and 2
  • Additional equipment:(ex.)
    Self-covering system SSP-1 OBRA-3
    Fire-extinguishing system Kidde Deugra
    Fire-suppresion system Kidde Deugra
    Modern communication RRC-type system
    Passive observation systems
    Additional equipment as customer request.
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