WZT-5 / ARV 3

The Armoured Recovery Vehicle ARV 3 PL has been developed, produced and continually improved to meet the new requirements. The combat proven ARV 3 PL provides remarkable reliability and flexibility combined with superior power and a high level of protection.


  • ARV 3 PL supports and increases the availability of armoured combat vehicles by:

• Enabling the recovery of damaged vehicles in heavy terrain;

• Giving support to in-field maintenance activities;

• Transporting supplies;

• Performing earthworks for emplacements;

• Clearing obstacles.


  • Vehicle combines state-of-the-art recovery equipment with well-proven components taken from the MBT Leopard 2.

The main characteristics of the ARV 3 PL are:

• High towing capacity;

• High winching performance;

• Powerful lifting capability;

• High level of crew survivability.



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